1 MARLIN … yip and I was conned into being top man …

14 March 2013 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: mild
Viz: 10m at the surface, 3m between 15 and 25m, 0 to 12m on the bottom
Sea Temp: 19 degrees Celsius on the bottom and 24 on the surface

DIVE 1 – Southern Pinnacles: 2 Round Ribbontail Rays and 1 Potato Bass. BIG shoal of Kingfish, BIG shoal Jobfish, BIG shoal of Rubberlips, shoaling Fingerfin and Tropical Amberjacks. Lots and lots of Goldies and Triggerfish. 2 HUGE Natal Wrasse. Reef was just teeming with life. Lots of Jellyfish and plankton. WHAT A DIVE – JUST SO MUCH TO SEE!

Between dives saw 3 Oceanic Blacktip sharks around the boat. A pod of Dolphins and Bonito jumping out the water.

DIVE 2 – Northern Pinnacles: 1 MARLIN … yip and I was conned into being top man for the second dive while Tris got to see yet another Marlin … so not impressed!!!!! 4 Oceanic Blacktip sharks from midwater to safety stop, that stayed with divers for more than 15 minutes. 2 Round Ribbontial Rays. 1 Potato Bass. 1 Massive Speckled Snapper. 1 Black Musselcracker. Shoaling Tuna and much more.

TWO ABSOLUTELY ACTION PACKED DIVES!!!!!!!!!!!! … and bit cold, but well worth a day out!