Cleaning Your Scuba Gear The Natural Way

If you have a passion for scuba diving and seeing the incredible beauty of South African sharks in their natural habitat, then you have probably invested a fair amount in your diving gear. Your dive equipment is important to keep you safe whilst you are underwater. If it isn’t looked after properly then your gear can become susceptible to mold and mildew and the rubber will crack. Cleaning your scuba diving equipment every time you have finished using it, will prevent this from happening. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals for this - you can clean your gear the natural way, with fresh water and a little eco-friendly shampoo.

Karen Tredger – the first woman to dive Protea Banks

Karen Tredger … Wow!!! Where do you even start with this ’badass’ instructor that can teach us all something, in her 27 years of diving Protea Banks.

Karen was not just one of the first woman, but also part of the first group of divers brave enough take on these so called ‘ Shark Infested Waters’ of Protea Banks. This is well worth a read …

Princess diving on Protea Banks

Simone “Monie” Mercer is an underwater thrill seeking boss and a proud member of the ‘The Brat Pack’ at Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter. Simone has been a dear friend to Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter from the moment she walked in, with her uplifting and fun personality. We are so lucky and honoured to have her dive with us so regularly.

An interview with a Princess ... enjoy the read, we know you will as much as we did.

Our VIP diver

Paul Russell, not only our web designer, Paul is a dear friend and THE VIP diver of Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter (he even has the t-shirt to prove it ... lol). From the moment Paul walked into the dive centre, in 2015, there was no stopping this bubble blowing enthusiast ... with a massive passion for sharks and scuba diving, he is one of Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charters 'ambassadors'. When Paul is not diving ... his real job is a web designer ... and boy oh boy ... did he design a GREAT website for Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter ... for which we will be forever indebted, thank you Paul. Paul has been so kind as to share his experience with us about Protea Banks ... and has included a few tips, for those wanting to visit this incredible dive site. Enjoy the read!!

500 Sunsets – Dean Swart

The team of Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter had the privilege meeting Dean Swart. On his incredible and epic journey, 500 Sunsets, Dean managed to sneak in a couple of dives on Protea Banks.

500 Sunsets, here is Dean’s story in his own words:

Pierre-Alexandre Van De Walle – VIP diver and ‘in house photographer’

VIP diver and ‘in house photographer’ for Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter, when it comes to Protea Banks.

Pierre … or Peter as he is fondly known around the dive centre … is a seasoned traveler who is very enthusiastic about scuba diving and playing golf … oh yes, and a phenomenal cook with authentic dishes that he pairs perfectly with wine.

Ewa Drucis

With 12 years of friendship and counting … and lots of memories created already, we were happy to have this amazingly ‘crazy’ lady Ewa Drucis and her friends from Poland on Protea Banks. We got to spend an amazing SHARK WEEK … with action packed dives and amazing sightseeing, of the breathtaking country we are lucky enough to call home.

The Surprising Strains of Deep Sea Diving

The coastal waters off of South Africa are teeming with wildlife and incredible experiences for divers. The diving industry in the nation has grown recently - due in large part to people who want a first-hand look at the over 130 marine life species in the region. For the adventurous, braving open water, sharks, and strong currents are among just a few of the challenges divers willingly face every time they jump into the ocean. Beyond that, divers need to stay in peak physical condition and have the wherewithal to be on the lookout for potential dangers in order to have a successful dive. All these factors to consider are what make an activity like this tailor-made for rugged South African adventure seekers.

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