25 November 2016 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: none
Viz: 10m, a bit of Plankton in the first 10ms
Sea Temp: 24 degrees Celsius at surface, 17 degrees Celsius at bottom

Southern Pinnacle: We come down right onto the Southern Pinnacle and it was like an aquarium, full up with reef and gamefish. Overhead we had an Eagle Ray and shoaling Hammerhead sharks. We then encountered about 4 Ragged-tooth sharks just milling around on the Southern side … lol. And then the Round Ribbontail Ray parade, we saw at least 10. As we started to go up we saw a couple of Oceanic Blacktip sharks, a Bull Ray and 2 Hammerhead sharks … and then nothing … just lots and lots of Plankton.

Dolphins seen from the boat and Miggie saw a few as we went down. Jaco saw a Marlin from the boat. We saw some flying fish.