24 November 2016 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: medium
Viz: 20m at bottom, a bit of Plankton in the first 10m
Sea Temp: 24 degrees Celsius at surface, 17 degrees Celsius at bottom brrrrr

Southern Pinnacles: As we come down to the reef the viz got better and the water colder … but well worth it. A Potato Bass and in the distance a TIGER SHARK. Tropicals on the reef coming in to check me out. AND THEN … the most amazing sighting … HAMMERHEADS in front of us, above us and coming in close and passing by for at least 5 minutes. Then we had shoaling Round Ribbontail Rays, at least 15 …that in itself was friggin amazing!!!! Lots more fish and some more Potato Bass. Then we had 2 Zambezi (Bull) sharks on the reef. On our way up we had more shoaling Hammerhead sharks come by and close. The dive ended with an Oceanic Blacktip coming in on the safety stop and hanging around for a bit with a few Remora’s. REALLY A DIVE TO REMEMBER!!!!!!!