Berny and Tazuko, part of our extended Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter family

Berny and Tazuko, who are a part of our ever growing Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter family, have crept deep into our hearts. They are a real inspiration to couples all over the world and have done more together, than most can ever dream of doing, in one lifetime.

They are very passionate vegans, not only adjusting their diet, but they don’t wear leather, wool or any animal products. They also do not do baited shark dives and all of their amazing photos have been taken on all natural reef dives on Protea Banks!

Their passion for scuba diving started in 2001. That year they originally snorkeled in the Red Sea. After being amazed by the underwater world they just had to see more and did their Open Water Course that same year … and continued on to becoming professional divers.

Berny and Tazuko have been diving with Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter since November 2016 … and have returned another 3 times. Tazuko … loves the sharks on Protea Banks and I think brings Berny along to carry her bags … lol.

Tazuko and Berny have traveled extensively and have been to over 50 countries together, 12 of which they had the opportunity to dive. They like to go back to previously visited dive locations and stay for longer periods, to really experience a dive site and what it has to offer. With over 2000 dives this couple still enjoys what Protea Banks has to offer.

Tazuko’s advice for first time diver to Protea Banks is, “hold on, the launching is tough … but in only 15 minutes you can reach a spot with amazing diving” and from Berny’s side, “ take a pill” referring to his first hand experience on getting sea sick.

When asked their best dive on Protea Banks was, both of them said, “SHOALING HAMMERHEAD SHARKS!!”

Please have a browse through their amazing photos, we know you will love them!

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