9 June 2017 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: medium
Viz: 15m
Sea Temp: 22 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 – Baited Shark Dive: A slow but very active baited dive with 2 Zambezi (Bull) Sharks. With No Oceanic Blacktip Sharks around we had some pretty amazing interaction with Zambezi (Bull) Sharks as they could come onto the drum without blacktips flying in and out. REALLY NICE TO SEE THEM SO UP CLOSE!!!! We also had a Copper Shark circle around the drum and close to the end of the dive we had a Oceanic Blacktip Shark.

DIVE 2 – Northern Pinnacles: On our way down to the reef we had a Zambezi (Bull) Sharks and a Oceanic Blacktip Shark. On the reef we had 2 Potato Bass and in the caves we had about 15 Ragged Tooth Sharks. Mid water we had 2 Zambezi (Bull) Sharks and 2 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks popping in and out.