16 October 2019 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: medium to strong
Viz: 10 – 15m
Sea Temp: 20 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 – Baited Shark Dive: Action packed dive. Started off with 3 Oceanic Blacktip sharks. Finished the dive with a total of 10 Oceanic Blacktip sharks.

DIVE 2 – Northern Pinnacle: On the reef we had 2 Potato Bass following us around. In the second cave and scattered all over the reef we had about 30 Ragged-tooth sharks. Mid water was booming with 1000’s and 1000’s of shoaling Hammerhead sharks passing by!! We also had 2 Oceanic Blacktip sharks popping in and out.

DIVE 3 – Northern Pinnacle: On our way down we had a Potato Bass. In the second cave we had 15 Ragged-tooth sharks. Mid water we had about 3 shoals of 100’s of Hammerhead sharks and an Oceanic Blacktip shark dashing in and out for the rest of our dive.

DIVE 4 – Southern Pinnacle: As we got to the reef with had 100’s of shoaling Hammerhead sharks. As we drifted along we bumped into Mr. Potato Bass. We started to come up and we had more shoaling Hammerhead sharks. Drifting over Sandshark Gully we had a huge greater Hammerhead shark and 2 Guitar Sharks. On our safety stop, we had another set of shoaling hammerhead sharks and 2 Oceanic Blacktip sharks.

Humpback Whales were seen from the boat!!