17 June 2017 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: very mild
Viz: 8 – 10m
Sea Temp: 22 degrees Celsius

Northern Pinnacle: The reef was full of Ragged-tooth sharks. Also saw a Potato Bass. When we got to the first cave the, it was full, full, full of Ragged-tooth sharks. Made our way along the ledge spotting more Ragged-tooth sharks. Just before the second cave we made our ascent. On the way up we had about 8 Dolphins come by … JUST CALL ME DOLPHIN GIRL (my last few dives on Protea, I have had Dolphins on scuba) … although it was our famous Suresh Naidoo that spotted them first. Midwater we had a quick sighting of an Oceanic Blacktip and then a Zambezi (Bull) shark circling underneath us for a bit. Also some Remora’s keeping us company.A very nice chilled dive, with and awesome group of divers.

Whales seen from the boat and Dolphins seen just before we got in the water.