Pierre-Alexandre Van De Walle – VIP diver and ‘in house photographer’

VIP diver and ‘in house photographer’ for Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter, when it comes to Protea Banks.

Pierre … or Peter as he is fondly known around the dive centre … is a seasoned traveler who is very enthusiastic about scuba diving and playing golf … oh yes, and a phenomenal cook with authentic dishes that he pairs perfectly with wine.

In 1995, during his university holidays he worked for Club Med in the Bahamas as a Golf Instructor. It was here that he did his first dives … at that time he did not have corrective lenses so did not see much … however many years later he did return to see what amazing wonders the first dive site he ever dived had to offer.

With his Open Water Course completed in early 2004, Peter has since traveled to 158 countries, by his own count and he has dived 65 of them! Still logging all of his dives, he is now sitting on 1031 logged dives over 15 years. “Diving is about freedom to move yourself … we don’t fly, but we can dive!” says Peter. His bucket list is getting shorter, but his top 3 top dives sites still to do are: Raja Ampat, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

Peter has been diving with Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter for more than 6 years. We have gotten to know him really well … from his cup of tea just before the dive … to completing our dive briefings for us. Diving with Peter is awesome; he has a fantastic eye for sharks and takes the most amazing photos … which he loves sharing, and we appreciate this so much! We asked if he had to choose one dive he had done on Protea Banks, he said, “It is not about the best dive for the past, it is about the next best dive … I want a close encounter with a Great White shark one day … and the day this happens, then you can give me few Orcas!“

What makes Protea Banks special to Peter? “In other places in the world, for example, if you stayed 3 weeks in one place … it is going to be the same dives again and again. On Protea Banks, you never know what’s out there … each day is a surprise”, and he can say this, as for the last two years he has been living opposite the dive centre. Peter adds, “Not even close to bored yet with Protea Banks!”

Once you get to know Peter you will grow to like him even more than we do.

Some of Peter’s pictures taken on Protea Banks.

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