9 July 2015 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: medium
Viz: 20m
Sea Temp: 22 degrees Celsuis

Northern Pinnacle: As we dropped the viz was amazing and we knew it was going to be a great day on Protea Banks … even if the wind had picked up and the sea was rough. As we got down we saw some Ragged-tooth sharks scattered on the bottom. We were then met by a couple of Potato Bass. Also saw some Oceanic Blacktip sharks and in the distance a TIGER SHARK. After this I lost my mind …

(SOME HISTORY FIRST: Bradley James had been diving with me for 5 years on Protea Banks. He has seen the usual suspects, Zam’s, Blacktips, Raggies etc. even a Blue shark … but the elusive TIGER SHARK has always eluded him. The fact that he normally only comes to the coast in July did not help with his quest to see a TIGER SHARK as this is pretty much out of the season).

So … where was I … oh yes, I lost my mind due to the fact that now I had a TIGER SHARK and guess what … Bradley didn’t see it. So we continued the dive. I know we had several Zambezi (Bull) sharks and Oceanic Blacktip sharks … but I was I my zone and only focused on one thing, showing Bradley a TIGER SHARK … so while everyone else was looking at the other sharks … I was chanting to myself TIGER SHARK, TIGER SHARK, TIGER SHARK!!!

So the dive continued and I had another sighting of a TIGER SHARK … so excited I turned around and guess what Bradley did not see it. And then another sighting of a TIGER SHARK … yes, you guessed it … no Bradley.

AND THEN, there it was clear as day … a TIGER SHARK. I was finning and pointing and finning and pointing and shouting and finning and and and … AND I looked to my side and there was Bradley and HE HAD FINALLY SEEN A TIGER SHARK!!! One of the hightlights of my diving career … I will never forget that moment Bradley!!!

On the safety stop the sound of Whales was so intense … just Badley and Kym left in the water … I was so sure we would see some … but alas not today … at least that leaves a reason for Bradley to keep coming back to Protea Banks.