18 December 2014 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: mild
Viz: 15m+, just milky – viz dropped on the second dive
Sea Temp: 20 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 – Southern Pinnacles: The dive started with a glimpse of a Hammerhead shark and then a Ragged-tooth shark just chilling on Southerns – really!!!! And then not much happened until mid water when we got a 100+++ Hammerhead sharks that come past and we managed to get so close to them – EPIC. After that we had 2 Oceanic Blacktip sharks popping and and out, with the odd Hammerhead shark passing under us.

Lots of interesting Plankton as well to keep us entertained. EXCELLENT DIVE!!!!!!!!!!

DIVE 2 – Southern Pinnacles: The viz dropped a lot on the second dive. Well worth a dive with the odd Hammerhead shark and Oceanic Blacktip shark being spotted on the dive. There were a few Potato Bass hanging around The Arch. Lots of reef fish.

And lots and lots and lots and lots of Plankton.