25 April 2016 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: none
Viz: 8m on top, clearing up at the bottom
Sea Temp: 23 degrees Celsius top, 22 degrees Celsius bottom

NORTHERN PINNACLE: We had some fun diving today with no current – we had to kick a bit on the reef. We had one tiny Ragged-tooth shark just passing by with a Zambezi (Bull) shark on its tail. We were then circled by a huge shoal of Tropical Yellowtail, Jobfish and Kingfish; with BOB the Potato Bass just chilling with us for a while. Also a Round Ribbontail swimming in mid water over us. After a few minutes we bumped into another lone Ragged-tooth shark that stayed for a while. Mid water we had a shoal of Surgeon fish and 1 or 2 Puffer fish. On the safety stop we had 1 Zambezi (Bull) shark just popping in and out.

Also an Oceanic Blacktip shark seen by the divers that went up earlier.