4 May 2015 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: none
Viz: 12 – 15m
Sea Temp: 23 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 – Northern Pinnacle: As we dropped we found the first cave overflowing with Ragged-tooth sharks – 30+. While we were at the cave we had a Zambezi (Bull) shark circling us. As we started out multi-level, we had 2 Zambezi (Bull) sharks and an Oceanic Blacktip shark popping in and out. Mid water we looked up and saw 2 Oceanic Blacktip sharks and just behind them was a TIGER SHARK … whoop, whoop!!!! On the dive we also had a BRINDLE BASS and 3 Potato Bass. The reef was alive. Lots of Kingfish, Rainbow Runners, Bonito and Kob. We also saw some Nudibranchs … lol. WHAT A GREAT START TO THE WEEK!!!!!

DIVE 2 – BAITED SHARK DIVE: 2 TIGER SHARKS. 4 Zambezi (Bull) sharks coming in very close. At least 8 Oceanic Blacktip sharks throughout the dive. Also 2 Dusky sharks. 2 Potato Bass. Also on the baited dive we had Rainbow Runners, Bonito and shoaling Needlefish. WHAT A SUPER DIVE!!!