TOTALLY EPIC SECOND DIVE ON PROTEA BANKS … 100’s and 100’s and 100’s and 100’s of HAMMERHEAD SHARKS!!!!!!

10 January 2015 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: strong
Viz: clean coming down but only 8m at the bottom, cleaner second dive
Sea Temp: 21 degrees Celsius on the bottom, warmer mid water

DIVE 1 – Southern Pinnacles: The viz was not amazing at the bottom but clean mid water. We had a nice variety of sharks Zambezi (Bull) sharks, Oceanic Blacktip sharks and Hammerhead sharks but they a were all a little difficult to see nicely as they were in the distance with not great viz. Also 3 Round Ribbontail Rays at the bottom. And a nice variety of reef and gamefish.

DIVE 2 – Southern Pinnacles: WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW … the current increased on this dive which cleared up the visibility a bit. At the bottom we saw at least 6 round Ribbontail Rays. A ‘baby’ shark. Shoaling Yellowtail and Rainbow Runners. Also lots of other game fish and reef fish.

In mid water it was INCREDIBLE, 3 times, 100’s and 100’s and 100’s of HAMMERHEAD SHARKS … oh my golly what an amazing sight!!!!!!

Also lots of Plankton on both dives.

With the sea flat and the sun shinning …. all I can say is I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!