20 March 2017 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: none
Viz: 15m
Sea Temp: 26 degrees Celsius top, 22 degrees Celsius bottom

DIVE 1 – Northern Pinnacle: We got to the first cave and played around in it as there was no current pushing us. Also got to pick up a few sharks teeth while we were in there. As we left the cave we had 5 Potato Bass and 4 Round Ribbontail Rays following us. We also had a Turtle that kept on swimming up past the divers to breath then back past the divers to the reef!!!!! Mid water we had 3 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks popping in and out.

DIVE 2 – Northern Pinnacle: On the reef we had 4 Potato Bass and 4 Round Ribbontail Rays popping in and out. Lots of Kingfish and Rainbow Runners. Mid water we had 2 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks keeping us busy for the rest of the dive. As we were chilling on our safety stop we had a MARLIN come cruising passed!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!