16 August 2014 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: mild, reverse
Viz: 5m ‘green’ opening to 15m at the bottom
Sea Temp: 15 degrees Celsius (sooooooooooo cold)

DIVE 1 – Northern Pinnacles: As we hit the water it was freezing and green. As we all descended in did not warm up but the viz improved. With the reverse current we worked our way from the second cave to the first cave. Lots of Ragged-tooth sharks around. Also so many Dusky sharks darting around midwater. We also had a small Ray buried under the sand in the first cave and an Eel. Lots of reef fish. Such a pretty dive and so full of sharks … EPIC!!!!!!!

DIVE 2 – Southern Pinnacles (THE ARCH): Came down just off The Arch to see so many Potato Bass darting around – must have seen at least 10, plus a Brindle Bass. Ragged-tooth sharks scattered all over the place as well as midwater and on our friggin safety stop … seriously what is going on???? At a least another 5 Dusky shark seen on the dive. And then from midwater, to the end of dive we had the sound of Whales all the way to the end of the dive – we could not see them but the sound was so loud and the vibrations so strong, if we had had better viz we would have see them for sure … such an incredible sound … WOW. So many gamefish and reef fish on the dive … what an absolutely amazing dive!!!!!!!

More Humpback Whales than we could count seen from the boat … and with flat seas … WHAT A DAY!!!!