Another perfect day blowing bubbles !!!!!!!!

8 March 2017 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: very strong
Viz: 10 – 15m (reef was dirty)
Sea Temp: 26 degrees Celsius top, 22 degrees Celsius bottom

DIVE 1 – Baited Shark Dive: To start the dive we had one Oceanic Blacktip. During the dive we had a total of 6 Oceanic Blacktip Sharks join us and 3 Zambezi (Bull) Sharks, one popping in and out and the other two stayed with us.

DIVE 2 – Southern Pinnacle: Our dive on was a pleasant one, we drifted with the current, seeing some beautiful reef fish including Trigger fish, 2 Rainbow Runners,Tiger angels and Parrot fish. We also had 2 Oceanic Blacktip and a Zambezi shark come in near the end.