Awesome dive and beautiful sea conditions.

8 March 2013 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: mild
Viz: at 15m we had 10 – 15m viz and at the bottom it was a green 5- 8m
Sea Temp: 22 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 – Northern Pinnacles: Swam next to an Oceanic Blacktip shark. 1 small Potato Bass. Lots of reef fish. Had 2 Bull (Zambezi) sharksi) circling below and they came up to Suresh and Kym and swam round with them!!! Awesome dive and beautiful sea conditions.

DIVE 2 – Southern Pinnacles: Lots of game fish round King Fish Gully. 5 Round Ribbontail Rays. 1 frisky Oceanic Blacktip shark that came up to see the divers. Lots of little Jellyfish. Lots of reef fish on the ridge. Real Fun Dive!!!!