5 July 2015 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: medium
Viz: 5 – 8m
Sea Temp: 19 degrees Celsius

Northern Pinnacle: As we got down we saw a couple of Ragged-tooth sharks. We got to the second cave and found some sharks teeth but there were no Ragged-tooth sharks. Has a cute small Electric Ray in the cave as well. As we got out the cave we had a Potato Bass and a quick glimpse of a shark. In mid water we had a few Oceanic Blacktip sharks and a Zambezi (Bull) shark. The last 5 minutes of the dive was action packed with 4 Oceanic Blacktip sharks circling us.

The sound of Whales was at times very loud, thought we would see them any minute but with bad viz it did not happen today.

Water green and full of Plankton.

On the way back we saw a few Humpback Whales from the boat.