31 October 2014 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: mild
Viz: 7 – 10m, dirty near the surface but better viz at 30m
Sea Temp: 19 degrees Celsius

Southern Pinnacles: So after a forced extended break from diving due to terrible weather conditions Aqua Planet Dive Centre and Charter finally got to do what they do best … DIVE PROTEA BANKS!!!

As we got out to the reef we were treated to Dolphins on the surface. We eventually decided to do the Southern Pinnacles. As soon as we got down we had a Hammerhead shark come in to say hi – it was so nice to get so close to a Hammerhead. The current was very mild so we got to enjoy the reef life – lots of Elongated Surgeon fish, Trigger fish, Morish Idols, False Fusiliers, Natal Knifejaw and a HUGE Parrot fish to name a few of the abundant reef fish today. On the way up I encountered a school of about 40 to 50 small Scalloped Hammerheads sharks … THE HAMMERHEAD SHARK SEASON is clearly here … whoop, whoop, whoop. After a while we also had a Bull (Zambezi) shark under us briefly. The viz was not amazing – lots of Plankton – but it was so awesome to be in the water again.

Also some Flying fish seen from the boat.