14 August 2015 | PROTEA BANKS

Current: mild
Viz: 10m
Sea Temp: 20 degrees Celsius

DIVE 1 – Northern Pinnacle: Got to the first cave and there were about 10 Ragged-tooth sharks. Above the cave was a HUGE TIGER shark and a Zambezi (Bull) shark. Also an Electric Ray and lots of reef fish. Mid water we had 3 Oceanic Blacktip sharks and lots of Plankton and Jellyfish.

DIVE 2 – Southern Pinnacles: The reef had about 10 Ragged-tooth sharks scattered around. Lots of reef fish and shoaling False Fusiliers. Mid water we had 4 Oceanic Blacktip sharks and some Remora’s.

Could hear the Whales while on the first dive. Humpback Whales, Dolphins and Flying fish seen from the boat.