Ragged Tooth Shark (Sand Tiger)



We are privileged to encounter large numbers (running in the hundreds) of Ragged-tooth sharks, in the ‘caves’ of the Northern Pinnacles on PROTEA BANKS from about May to November. They use this cave to hide from strong currents.It is very easy to get very close to these docile sharks and get fantastic photographs and videos. These sharks are only encountered on reef dives.


The Ragged-tooth shark, Carcharias taurus, has a sharp, pointy head with a bulky body. The colour is grey with reddish-brown spots on their backs and they can reach a length of about 3m.

Sand Tiger sharks or Ragged-tooth sharks – as they are called in South Africa – inhabit subtropical and temperate waters worldwide.

The Ragged-tooth shark or as it is  fondly called ‘Raggie’, has unmistakable ‘ragged’ teeth giving these docile sharks a fearsome appearance. They are however a a slow moving shark with no confirmed human fatalities.

Ragged-tooth sharks in South Africa make an annual migration that cover more than 1,000 km. They give birth during the summer in the cold waters of Cape Town. After they pup, they swim to the warm waters of KwaZulu Natal, to sites where there are suitable rocks or caves, where they mate during the colder months from May to November.

Graph gives a rough % estimation of the possibility of shark sightings on PROTEA BANKS. Based on data collected from the AQUA PLANET DIVE CENTRE AND CHARTER LOGBOOK, over a 5 year period.

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PLEASE NOTE THAT SPECIFIC SHARK SPECIES CAN NEVER BE GUARANTEED ON A PARTICULAR DIVE!! This is what makes PROTEA BANKS so unique. Each and every day is just so different!